ICHI Weekly Review — Week 17 (April 19–25, 2021)

Recent News and Announcements

Upcoming Activities

Highlights: Metrics Table (Table 1)

  • Row 1: 6222 bps increase in monthly Minted oneTokens
  • Row 4: 3992 bps increase in monthly oneToken Liquidity
  • Row 7: Staked ICHI increased 80 bps
  • Rows 9,10: While ICHI price has declined, TVL is still above end of March numbers
Table 1: ICHI weekly and monthly metrics for March 15- April 25, 2021

Highlights: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation (Table 2)

  • Row 1: 900% increase in ICHI rewards provided for oneToken Balancer Smart pool
  • Row 4: oneLINK minted increased by 890 bps
  • Row 7: 17th straight week of an increase in minted oneTokens

Important: Please see 4/28/21 ICHI per block column in table 1 for this week’s changes to ICHI reward allocations.

Table 2: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation for April 19–25, 2021

*1inch contract details on ICHI guaranteed reward schedule

**Loopring contract details on ICHI guaranteed reward schedule

Proposal: Whitelist ICHI on Bancor

As of April 26th, 2021 voting to whitelist ICHI on Bancor has begun. vBNT holders who learn about ICHI and vote have the opportunity to earn a 20 xICHI reward (whether for or against the proposal). Whitelisting ICHI on Bancor will provide ICHI and BNT liquidity providers with two main benefits:

  1. Single-asset exposure within the ICHI-BNT pool through elastic BNT supply
  2. Impermanent loss protection

All vBNT holders visit the Snapshot page to vote and earn xICHI.

Coming up this week (April 19–25)

  • Reward adjustments go into effect Wednesday 4/28/21


  1. When is the ICHI Halving?

Date: May 8th, 2021

Countdown | Proposal | What is an ICHI Halving

2. How can I learn more and get involved with ICHI?

Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | FAQ




Core team @ ICHI (ichi.org)

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Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal

Core team @ ICHI (ichi.org)

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