ICHI Weekly Review — Week 25 (June 14–20, 2021)

Recent News and Announcements

Upcoming Activities

  • Additional DMAs to come for crypto communities with v2 release

Highlights: Metrics Table (Table 1)

  • Row 6,7: Additional ICHI staked in xICHI, increase of 187 bps
  • All oneTokens continue to hold peg and remain over-collateralized through bearish market
Table 1: ICHI weekly and monthly metrics for May 5 — June 20, 2021

Highlights: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation (Table 2)

  • Row 9: oneFIL created, the first V2 oneToken for the Filecoin community
  • Row 17: 67/33 ICHI-LINK (Balancer) pool rewards removed for upcoming week

Important: Please see 6/23/21 ICHI per block column in table 1 for this week’s changes to ICHI reward allocations.

Table 2: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation for Week 24 and 25

*oneFIL Deposits on a liquidity liquidity bootstrapping schedule

**1inch contract details on ICHI guaranteed reward schedule

***ICHI-BNT Pool rewards

****Loopring contract details on ICHI guaranteed reward schedule


The new version of ICHI has officially been released live! With a new look, ICHI community members will now be able to find all of the new v2 oneTokens*, farms, and treasury information at app.ichi.org. Additionally, oneFIL (the stablecoin created for the Filecoin community) is now available to be minted and deposited enabling users to earn more ICHI rewards.

*For v1 oneTokens please continue to use ICHI’s V1 app.

Coming up this week (June 21–27)

  • June 23rd, 2021 — Reward adjustments go into effect

To learn more about ICHI and get involved in the community check out the links below

Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Documentation




Core team @ ICHI (ichi.org)

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Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal

Core team @ ICHI (ichi.org)

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