ICHI Weekly Review — Week 33 (August 9–15, 2021)

Recent News and Announcements

Highlights: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation (Table 1)

  • Row 5: Over 1.3M $onePERL minted in the first four days with rewards of 0.1 ICHI per block already being distributed
  • Row 6: Total minted tokens up over 18.7% led in most part by large increase in $oneFUSE and $onePERL token minting
  • Rows 15: Over 10% increase in total liquidity across all ICHI pools, leaving ICHI Liquidity Locked just under $9M

Important: Please see 8/18/21 ICHI per block column in table 1 for this week’s changes to ICHI reward allocations.

Table 1: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation for Week 32 and 33

*1inch contract details on ICHI guaranteed reward schedule — dual liquidity rewards extended through September 1st, 2021

**ICHI-BNT Pool rewards

Table 2: ICHI oneToken Deposit Reward Schedule

Bancor Community Proposal

The Bancor community will be voting on a proposal that will effect the ICHI-BNT pool, below is the TL;DR around what is being proposed and the intention of each action.

1.Increase ICHI co-investment from 350k to 700k BNT

  • This will allow for the pool to continue to grow and enable more single-sided ICHI deposits

2.Lower ICHI trading fee from 1% to 0.3%

  • The goal here is to increase both trading volume and APR for the Bancor pool

Coming up this week (August 18–24)

  • August 18th, 2021 — Reward adjustments go into effect
  • August 19th, 2021 — Shapeshift community call and AMA on Discord

To learn more about ICHI and get involved in the community check out the links below

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Core team @ ICHI (ichi.org)

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Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal

Core team @ ICHI (ichi.org)

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