ICHI Weekly Review — Week 42 (October 10–17, 2021)

Recent News and Announcements

Highlights: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation (Table 1)

  • Rows 5 & 6: Over 14% weekly increase in Stable UNI and Stable PERL deposited due to continued ICHI rewards
  • Row 13: Over 6% weekly increase in overall USD liquidity across ICHI pools due in most part to bullish market movement as well as small uptick in deposits

Important: Please see 10/20/21 ICHI per block column in table 1 for this week’s changes to ICHI reward allocations.

Table 1: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation for Week 41 and 42

*ICHI-BNT Pool rewards

Table 2: ICHI oneToken Deposit Reward Schedule

Coming up this week (October 18–25)

  • October 20th, 2021 — Reward adjustments go into effect

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Core team @ ICHI (ichi.org)

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Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal

Core team @ ICHI (ichi.org)

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